OLTL: Photo Album II

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Grand Dames of Llanview- Dorian and Viki

1968 Cast

The Buchanan Clan

Alex and Asa

Codero Roberts

A Double Wedding: Cord, Tina, Asa and Renee

Nora, Clint and Bo

Cord and Tina

Cord and Tina

Andrew Carpenter

Tina and Baby Al

Nora and Bo(like deer caught in headlights)


Bo and Nora Take The Plunge

Hank Gannon

Luna Holden

Sheila Gannon

Hank, Sheila and Luna

Joseph "Joey" Buchanan

Kelly Cramer

Ben (Sheila's Brother)

Sarah and CJ Roberts

CJ (Cord Jr.) and Sarah

Cristian and Jessica

Max and Asa

Mitch and Tina

Blair Seeks Revenge on Mitch Lawrence

The Bitches of East Llanview