OLTL: Photo Album IV

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Photo Gallery

Cristian and the Angel Square Crew

Todd and Blair at Rodi's

Cassie, Herb and Dorian

Cassie finds River in a manger

CJ and Sarah

Dorian and David

Dorian Does a Fan Dance for Mel

Gabrielle, Max and Megan

Jen and David

KAD Frat Brothers

Joe and Viki

Karen and Larry

Larry and Meredith


Kelly and Joey

Kelly Confesses to Blair

The Incomparable Judge Fitzwater

Hank and Carlotta

(Gangster) Jackie McNaughton

Andrew Carpenter

Cassie and Kevin at The Banner

Andy and Antonio

Tea Sets Her Sights on Todd

Todd and Tea's First Wedding

Andrew and Tea

Andrew and Cassie

Asa, Kevin and Viki

Lindsay Rappaport

Al Celebrates His Graduation

Matthew and Bo

Cassie, Blair and Dorian