OLTL Photo AlbumVI

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OLTL Photo Album VI

Andrea Evans as Tina

Tony and Pat

Bo and Didi

Mimi and Bo

Cord and Brenda

Kate and Cord

Maria Roberts

David Grinaldi

David and Jenny

Jim and Anna

James DePaiva (Max) Andrea Evans (Tina)

John LoPrieno, Andrea Evans, and James DePaiva

Erica Slezak (Viki) Clint Richie (Clint)

Kim Zimmer and Robert Gentry

The Brothers Storm (Michael and James)

Nancy Pinkerton Originated the Role of Dorian Lord

Brynn Thayer and Michael Zaslow

Dorian Has Been By Nancy Pinkerton, Dixie Carter, Elaine Princi and Robin Strasser

Robin Strasser (Dorian Lord)