The Prospect of Being T&B

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Every Dance Should Tell A Story.  This is Todd and Blair’s Story.




On April 29th 2013  Todd and Blair continued their dance.  To me, their dance is a sexy Argentine Tango, with each dancer trying to master, or gain control only to give in to their passion.  At times their dance reminded me of the French dance, called La Dance Apache.  Some might simply call it an American “Bump and Grind”.  No matter what you call it, there is no doubt that it is sexy, hot, explosive, volatile and tender.


The Tango






(1) Linear side step




(2) Linear forward step




(3) Linear back step



(4) Rotation



..."Twenty acrobatic tricks in a row


One, two, three, four, five… splits, spread eagle, back flips, flip-flops, one right after the other."---Chicago






"If You Make a Mistake and Get All Tangled Up,


Just Tango On!"---Scent of a Woman









 The following Tango steps from the movie, Scent of a Woman, describe Todd and Blair's never ending Dance














From the woman backing, simply stop and rock the man back one step, QQ timing.  Repeat.







It is fitting that Todd and Blair’s story picked up in one of Llanview’s hottest night spots.


They met at Rodis.  Of course Rodis was nothing like Shelter, but people went there to dance, to have a drink or two and to forget about their troubles.

In Yale (Side) Position, slowly walk forward around each other.  Twist a little to aim your heart to your partner's heart, to see your partner

OCHO (Cruzado, Scissors)
He crosses R foot over the L, touch L open to the left side.  Then to the other side.  She crosses L first.

 Since that foot usually isn't free, take a quick side step on the first foot just before count one of the music.



Both start by crossing the L foot over, going in opposite directions.  He gives the same pre-lead.
To exit, you're already in Side Position during each Ocho, so do a POMANDER RUEDA, just walking slowly around each other in Side Position.  Start on a second crossing, R, in order to circle CW.



HOO-WAH!  release to Swing out Position and return.  He dramatically releases her to Swing out Position, then both return to closed position.  It's simple and dramatic.   


He starts to lead the forward held hands INTO the frame during the second step of a Promenade, as his R arm slips down her L arm to open 2-hand hold. 








She turns left, CCW, during the 3 and 4th steps.  Finish with a 5th promenade step forward.  Timing is the classic S-S-QQ-S.






When Blair sings to Todd, she is declaring her feelings in front of an entire room.  Think about what that must mean to a man who is a rejected, scar-faced felon. 















CRADLE PROMENADE, changing sides

First we practiced flipping from one side to the other in Cradle Position.



















 The Prospect of Being T&B Part 2















Acknowledgements To:

The T&BeLievers

(Who Never Gave Up Believing)

"Sing For Me" gifs















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