Prospect Park Presents One Life To Live

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 Prospect Park Presents

One Life To Live










EPISODE 1  (At a Glance)



Prospect Park’s One Life To Live began with action taking place simultaneously in Victor Junior Jr’s nursery, at Blair’s new club, Shelter, with Todd leaving the airport in a limousine, in the cover of night, a hooded man is on the run.  Bo and Nora are at their apartment and we see Natalie in her apartment with her son, Liam. On the more sedate side of things, we find Viki and Clint, sublime in their happiness.  They are engaged and looking forward to their wedding.


Scenes between Tea and Dani show their detachment.  Dani feels isolated and insecure.  She is on her way to the opening of Shelter, and wants assurance from her mother that she looks beautiful, but Tea barely notices her.  Elsewhere, the man being chased becomes the predator, and he kills his would be assassin.  Todd reads a mysterious message, engraved with that same triskelian emblem as the one tattooed on the inner wrist of the murderer.  Meanwhile, at Bo and Nora’s, a verbal fight ensues over drugs that Bo found in Matthew’s room.  Angered by the accusations, Matthew bitterly leaves the apartment to go to Shelter.  In the hall way, he runs into his friend Jeffrey from London; he  tells him that plans have changed.  He won’t be staying with him at his parents’ apartment.


Opening night at Shelter appears to be a big hit.  It is teeming with excitement, everyone is there.  Cutter runs the nightclub end of things, but Blair is the owner.  Destiny is there, and she has an encounter with Matthew, who is the father of her son, or as he tells Jeffrey, “She’s my baby mama!”  Dani comes over to Matthew and asks him, what he’s done with her “shit”. Translation:  Where are my drugs.  Matthew tells her that his father took them.  That doesn’t deter Dani as she gets high on other peoples’ drugs and drinks. When Tea shows up at the club, and Dani tries to disappear.  Later Todd shows up.  He and Blair have a stare down and a brief exchange.  “What in the hell are you doing in my club?”  Todd responds, “I’m her to see Dani.”  As he says it, Dani is elsewhere in the club where she collapses.  Todd, Tea, Jack and Blair rush over to her.  Todd picks Dani up, takes her to his limo as they head to the hospital, they are being watched by a hooded man.



Victor Lord Junior turns out to be the hooded man who later shows up at the hospital just as Todd is telling Tea what a “shitty parent” she is.  Victor attacks Todd while everyone in the waiting area watches in shock.


Remember that Todd shot Victor and everyone believed that Victor was dead.


Prospect Park still seems to be infatuated with the story of the Lord Twins and their families.


Todd's return to Llanview is a story of his redemption.  His goal seems to be to restore broken relationships. (He starts by saving Dani's life.)


Victor has very little time to restore anything, but he does have time to see Dani to make love to Tea and poison Todd with arsenic.


 The arsenic didn’t work soon enough and so Victor tried to strangle Todd to death.  His efforts would have been successful had Jack not found his father lying on the floor unconscious.


Jack continues to hate Todd for being his father, while loving Victor for not being his father.


Blair puts up a Cramer Wall of Defense, vowing to not allow Todd back into her life.


Tea has to face the fact that she’s neglected her daughter ever since, Victor Junior and Victor Junior Jr. died.


Dani is resentful and rebellious and moves out of her mother’s home into an apartment with Jeffrey and Matthew.


Close quarters cause Dani to have sexual fantasies about Matthew.


Matthew is infatuated with Michelle, his internet love interest.


Destiny is angry with Matthew because he won’t be a father to their son and because she still has feelings for him, which he does not return.


Bo and Nora are experiencing the joys of having an “empty nest”.  They also embark on a new venture, “Talk Radio”.  Nora is the Night Bird.  She gives advice to callers and this seems to turn Bo on and get him off.  Their number one passion though, is their grandson, Drew.


Natalie is trying to go on with her life without John in it.  She is a single mother, trying to be a good mother, have a career and a little fun on the side.


Oddly enough, Natalie and Destiny bond as single parents, trying to fit it all in.


Dorian has lost her Senate seat and because of Jeffrey, and up and coming reporter who wants to work for Viki at The Banner, Dorian’s expulsion and ensuing scandal make The Banner headlines.


This leads to a renewal of the age old, Dorian vs. Viki feud.


Dorian plots to hit Viki where it will hurt her the most, her bank account, which in turn will cause Viki the loss of The Banner, the legacy from her father, one she planned on passion on to her children.


Having inside information, Dorian plants a bug in her broker's ear.  It just so happens that she shares the same broker as Clint and Viki.  Thus we have something called, “The Pellegrino Fund”, which happens to be a ponzi scheme that makes Madoff  look like a piker.



David has Dorian’s back throughout this humiliation, but he doesn’t feel that she has his.

He discovers that he has a sycophant in Rama, a hostess at Shelter.  You can guess where that leads.


Rama and Vimal have agreed to an open marriage and Rama wants to experience life and love that has not been pre-arranged. (She was promised to Vimal when she was six years old.)


Clint is no longer under house arrest and he is making the best of his time.  He’s running Buchanan Enterprise and he’s running everybody’s business.  He is responsible for a huge misunderstanding between John and Natalie, which causes Natalie to be furious with her father, but she forgives him.  Viki, on the other hand, cannot forgive Clint and when she realizes that he’s meddled in her financial affairs, she becomes livid.  This leads to their break up, which leads to Clint’s breakdown.


There are other things afoot:


There is the mysterious organization that wants Todd to kill Victor.  They have threatened everyone that he loves, but he doesn’t know where Victor is. 


These threats draw Todd and Blair closer because in spite of what they have been through, there is nothing that bonds them like the love that they have for their children.


Tea is pulled into the plot as she wants to protect Dani.


While they are busy trying to keep their children safe, their offspring are busy getting busy themselves.  Jack becomes involved with his teacher and Dani becomes involved with a man, known as a “Sugar Daddy” which would make her his "Sugar Baby".


Toward the end of the first season, more is revealed about the mysterious group that wants to destroy the Lord twins and their families, which brings us back to ABC's show finale, which ended with the audience seeing Victor tied to a bed and gagged while Allison Perkins held him captive. It appears that Dear MANIACAL Allison has Victor in her clutches once again, and if all goes according to plan, Todd will walk into a trap set by Allison and her brother, Carl Peterson, who happens to be the benefactor of Jeffrey King. 


My question is, Why in the hell are they going after Clint?




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