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I created this site for fans of the Daytime drama, One Life To Live. You only have one, you know, so live it to the fullest. That's the motto of the citizens of Llanview, PA.  This site is dedicated to one of the greatest soap operas ever.

The soap opera perfected the art of storytelling through its continuing stories, complete with daily cliffhangers. As those stories are told daily, the viewers become more familiar with the characters and their stories than any new writing regime cares to appreciate. This is what Agnes Nixon, creator of One Life To Live had to say about the genre, known as the soap opera.



This is what soap opera gives us. There is always tomorrow. A tomorrow fraught with problems, tragedies and traumas, to be sure, with hate mixed with love and sorrow and joy. But how does this differ from life itself? There are more of humanity's horrors to be found in any issue of the daily newspaper than abound in all of Sudville.


 Agnes Nixon, the creator of One Life To Live, had as her original premise for the show, the classic soap formula of a rich family and a poor family, however, the main center of attention was to be on the ethnic and socio-economic diversity of the citizens of Llanview, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. The original title of OLTL was going to be Between Heaven and Hell, but the sponsors for the show, at that time, felt the name was too controversial and the title change was made to One Life to Live. The fictional city of Llanview was actually modeled after the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia.


One Life to Live began airing on network television on July 15, 1968. From 1968-1976 the show was only 30 minutes long, but then developed into a 45-minute show during the years 1976-1978. Eventually, however, OLTL became an hour-long show towards the end of 1978.



 1968 CAST

The Lords, a wealthy family
Victoria ‘Viki' Lord (GILLIAN SPENCER)
Meredith ‘Merrie' Lord (TRISH VAN DEVERE)

The Woleks, a Polish-American family
Larry Wolek #1 (PAUL TULLEY)
Larry Wolek #2 (JIM STORM))

The Craigs, a lower-middle class family

The Rileys, a poor Irish-American family
Joseph ‘Joe' Francis Riley (LEE PATTERSON)
Eillen Riley Siegel (PATRICIA ROE)
Dave Siegel (ALLAN MILLER)

Carla Benari (ELLEN HOLLY)
Nurse Karen Martin (NIKI FLACKS)
Dr Price Trainor (THURMAN SCOTT)


Producer: Doris Quinlan; Associate Producer: Charlotte Weil; Directors: Neil Smith, David Presman; Writers: Ted Dazan, Gordon Russel; Casting Director: Joan D'Incecco.



 Once Upon A Time In Soap Land...

Daytime Serials were owned by soap companies, that pedaled an array of household products that promised to keep homes cleaner, make them brighter, and smelling fresher, faster and better than ever. 

Well, those products must have worked exceptionally well because they seem to have freed grandmothers, housewives and househusbands from their television sets.

1969-1970 Season (HH Ratings)

  • As the World Turns 13.6
  • The Edge of Night 10.8
  • Search for Tomorrow 10.0
  • The Guiding Light 9.9
  • Another World 9.6
  • Love is a Many Splendored Thing 9.5
  • Days of our Lives 8.8
  • The Doctors 8.6
  • The Secret Storm 8.6
  • General Hospital 8.5
  • Love of Life 8.0
  • Dark Shadows 7.3
  • Where the Heart Is 7.0
  • One Life to Live 6.7
  • Somerset 5.7 (Debut)
  • Bright Promise 5.2
  • All My Children 4.4
  • A World Apart 2.8
  • Best of Everything 1.8


*Of the shows on the air during this time period, only two remain. 



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