Viki and Dorian

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Viki and Dorian ~Grande Dames of Llanview~

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Dorian vs. Viki

For decades, Viki has been One Life to Live's primary heroine, with Dorian as the primary villainess. The two have feuded about almost everything, stemming largely from Viki's contention that Dorian had something to do with her father's death. However, it was later proven that Dorian had had nothing to do with Victor Lord's death, but Viki, in one of her alters, (she has Dissociative Identity Disorder) had killed him to prevent him from sexually abusing her again. In fact, it was Dorian herself who had told her that Victor had been sexually abusing her. In August 2007, Dorian made the startling (and vague) claim that she had actually killed Victor after all. Having planted a seed of doubt in Viki's mind, she refused to elaborate.

Sometimes, however, the feuding rivals often have helped one another in a crisis, such as with Viki's breast cancer, and her heart transplant. (For that, Viki extended to Dorian the job of Chief of Staff at Llanview Hospital.)

One very good example was when the two of them were trapped in an avalanche. Dorian confessed to her arch-rival that she was claustrophobic. And Viki never left her side for a second. This, once again, bonded the two women.

However, despite many truces, the two women are considered frenemies. One minute, the two would be at one another's throats about something, and the next, they would team up against a common enemy, such as Echo DiSavoy, whom both Dorian and Viki have good reason to dislike. Dorian, although Viki would perhaps hate to admit it, has shown that, in her own way, she does have some caring and compassion for Viki. Viki and Dorian have shown that they are more alike than either one would care to admit.

Dorian often stokes the flames of the feud, to try to get Viki rattled. Examples included Dorian seducing Viki's son, Joey Buchanan; and framing Viki for embezzlement, when Dorian had committed the crime.





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