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Fraternity Row

(A Special Episode of OLTL)








(What Some OLTL Fans Had To Say About This Episode)


"I don't care how silly and stupid and campy it is... I am laughing my fool head off right now, and I'm not even halfway through the episode. I think it's perfectly delightful that they're willing to take on the stereotypical soap characters, actors and the crazy stories that go with them. RH with a mullet pronouncing "damned" as "damn-ed..." HI-liarious!"

"I loved Howarth's bad, fake, cliffhanger face.

I love KA's voice. I also prefer Easton in this role!!!"

"I really like KDP in that trench coat and the black boots.".

"There were so many great things about today's episode. Add me to the people who discovered that I dislike Tea, but actually really like Florencia. She was awesome."

"ES is working that accent lol"

"And RH was hysterical and smoking hot, much better than the three Waxed Wonders."

"Love the Starr, Dani, James, Jessica, Ford, Nate scenes they were hilarious and I love how they didn't even try to make the slap look real lol"

"Shaun and Destiny were fabulous..I haven't laughed like that in awhile"

"I think it's fun and the constant comments about the gratuitous shirtlessness is very true."



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