OLTL: Photo Album I

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Llanview Family Album

Viki and Joe

Viki and Victor Lord

Joe, Kevin and Viki

Dorian Lord

Viki and Dorian

Dorian and Herb

Renee and Asa

Megan and Jake

Megan and Jake

Blair Daimler

Todd and Blair's 2nd Wedding



Bo and Nora

Bo and Nora

Ed Hall

Carla Hall

Vince and Josh(Lawrence Fishburne)

Bo, Asa and Clint

Asa and Clint

Clint and Viki

Niki Smith, the first of Viki's alters to appear

Niki and Joe

Jean, the Gate Keeper

Tori, Viki's alter who burned down Llanfair

Princess, the frightened little-girl alter

Lee Ann and Kevin

Jessica, Kevin and Joey

Asa, Joey, Kevin and Andrew

Tina and Viki