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This And The Following Photo Albums Are a Tribute To ONE LIFE TO LIVE


The show was centered around the wealthy Lord family, the middle class Siegels (an interesting mix of a Jewish/Catholic family), and the working-class families of the Rileys, the Woleks and the Grays. OLTL was the first soap opera to have a racially integrated cast. The show went so far as to deal with the taboo of an African American woman, Carla Benari (a.k.a. Clara Gray). Carla's mother, Sadie Gray, who was the neighbor and friend to the Woleks and worked in the Housekeeping Department at the hospital (she later became Head of Housekeeping there), discovered that her daughter, Clara, was pretending to be a white woman; she eventually persuaded her to reveal her true racial identity. OLTL was also first to deal with interracial relationships as Carla was engaged to a white doctor.

One of the last vestiges of the early denizens of Llanview can be found in Victoria Lord.  Victoria, known as Viki, is the daughter of the newspaper tycoon, Victor Lord, the patriarch of dysfunctionality. (Technically, Viki's two son's Kevin and Joey are Rilelys, their father being Joseph Reily, Viki's first husband.) Victor had several illegitimate children among them, Tony Lord (now deceased), Tina Clayton, Todd Manning and Victor Lord Jr.  Viki is also the mother of (fraternal) twin girls, Jessica and Natalie, who were fathered by Clint Buchanan.

The Buchanans blazed into Llanview in 1979 and the town was never the same. Asa Buchanan was the patriarch who had two sons, Clint and Bo. There was nothing that Ol' Asa liked more than a fresh filly, which usually caused him nothing but trouble.  Ben Davidson was Asa's son by Renee, the ex-Madam of a Texas Whore House.

The following families have been integrated into One Life To Live's canvas: the Cramers (Dorian, Addie, Blair, Cassie, Adriana and Kelly) the Vegas (Carlotta, Antonio and Cristian), the Gannons (Hank, RJ, Nora and Rachel) [Nora was once married to Hank Gannon, but she married Bo Buchanan. There are the Mannings (Todd, the illegitimate son of Victor Lord, Blair, Starr, Jack and Sam) There is Victor Lord Jr., twin brother of Todd, his wife,Tea Delgado, mother of Danielle Rayburn who is the illegitimate daughter of Todd Manning and there is Sam, who was conceived when his mother, Margaret Cochoran, forced his father to have sex with her. [Sam knows Blair as his mother and Jack and Starr as his syblings.] The Rappaports invaded Llanview but have been thoroughly expunged (Sam, Lindsay, Will, Jen and Ben) [Ben wasViki's fifth husband.], the McBains (Michael, John and Marcie), the Balsoms (Roxy and Rex)[It's been discovered that Rex is a Buchanan. He is the son of Clint and Echo. Added to the cast during its final years on ABC were Charlie, Viki's fifth husband and his son Jared who was killed by Mitch Lawrence; Gigi and Shane Morasco came as a package deal; they were soon connected to Rex, Gigi being Rex's high school sweetheart who he abandoned, not knowing she was pregnant; then there was Destiny, and head writer, Ron Carlivati built her a family, the Evanses, Felicia, Frank, Greg, and Shaun. There was also Vimal and Rama Patel, the Fords, Robert, James and Nate [Robert] (who is the father of Jessica's son, Ryder). The show ended with an incredible list of attachments: Tomas Delgado, brother of Tea;  Kim (Aubrey) Wintworth, Cutter Wentworth, children of Alex Olanov; Aubrey (Kristina) daughter of Katrina Karr.





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